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Terrance Hayes [Jan. 11th, 2007|01:40 am]
Naughty, Naughty Children and the Poets They Love


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How could I forget! I saw the most brilliantly, painfully gorgeous poet a few weeks ago: Terrance Hayes. This man's pictures do not do him justice. The publicity shots had been kicking around the office for weeks, but when he walked into the room with his tall self and his expensive sneakers and his buzzed mohawk, I thought damn.

And then I thought, Yum.

See how he completely dwarfs this unknown stranger??

Oh, right, here's a poem: "Woofer (When I Consider the African-American)". Whatever. Substance, pfft. But really, this guy gets praise across the board -- from John Ashbery to Tony Hoagland, which I hear tell is pretty rare. He does the lyric, he does the narrative, he do the police in different voices. I am in love. Buy his books, they are fantastic.

I mean, holy crap.


PPS: Now that I think about it, this community has not seen much hot man-poet action. There have been some man-poets posted, but they are generally not attractive in the PLEASE HAVE MY BABIES school of hotness, you know? More like the WELL IF I SQUINT YOU LOOK LIKE SARTRE AND THAT'S UM WHATEVER department, which is not on the level of, say, your Anne Sexton or your Sharon Olds, who we all know are smokin' hot, no qualification needed, and if you saw them walking down the street, having no idea of their metrical prowess, you might still jump on them. Or at least I would. In that spirit, I'm hoping this will raise the bar for general man-poet edibility. Yeah, I said it.

From: ephignia
2007-01-11 03:34 pm (UTC)
Well hello there.
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